A Stay At Residenz Avalon in Berlin

August 2016

MISTRESS TROY Dominatrix New York City NY and male slave visit Residenz Avalon in Berlin, Germany for BDSM trial
Mistress Troy and her slave visit Avalon Residenz in Berlin, Germany


- by Dominatrix Mistress Troy of New York City -

I started to hear about "Avalon" here in the United States around 2012, or possibly earlier, initially from the slaves who either served Me at The OWK (The Other World Kingdom in the Czech Republic), slaves who wished they had served me at OWK, or slaves who had been to OWK before we met. The context was from the perspective of believers in Female Supremacy who longed for a place to become immersed in the experience/philosophy full time (even if only for a few days). Avalon was always the first place mentioned out of a few possibilities located in Europe and Canada; however, being a Dominatrix who keeps to herself for the most part, I had not come across anyone who had actually visited Avalon and could share first-hand experiences with me.

As the next few years rolled on, I learned a little more about Avalon from the internet, but there was not much to be found, at least not in English. I also kept my eyes open for the appropriate slave(s) to make the journey with me; those who embodied the proper combination of masochism, submissiveness, good manners, well-rounded serving skills and a healthy female supremacist philosophy -- plus the balls, enthusiasm, and reliability to move beyond their self-centered FemDomme fantasies and follow through with the reality of such a special and life-changing opportunity. It is a big undertaking to make the trip to Berlin from the United States for an uncertain BDSM FemDomme adventure but, as was the case with The OWK, I knew for certain I would arrive at Avalon at some point and enjoy the best it had to offer with at least one of my sincere and obedient slaves.

In 2015 I enjoyed a brief visit at both the Studio Avalon and Residenz Avalon, which I wrote about in My September 12, 2015 "Update" titled "Studio Avalon in Berlin". Soon thereafter the pieces began to fall swiftly into place and plans commenced for my first extended stay at Residenz Avalon. A newer member of my stable, Slave Latigo, impressed me with his sincerity, gratitude, and capacity to receive an extreme back whipping; however, like most human male creatures, he was unfocused and committed repeated crimes while in my service and presence, mainly offenses that could have easily been avoided had he cleared his mind of thought and trusted the commands given by his Mistress. It was clear dramatic steps were necessary and I decided that a stay at Residenz Avalon would provide the education gravely needed by Slave Latigo.

Planning our journey to Berlin began in early 2016. I contacted Lady Mercedes, one of the two owners of Avalon, who I had already met briefly during my first visit. I spent the next few months communicating with Lady Mercedes and Lady Marlon, the other owner of Avalon, about the upcoming visit and trial of My unfocused slave. I found both Ladies to be an absolute delight! Communication was not a problem and flowed quite smoothly, especially considering the fact that I speak no German. The Ladies are professional and organized and of course they understand and deal with unruly males on a daily basis; therefore very little explanation was needed from me about the type of education Slave Latigo required while at Residenz Avalon. In particular, The Trial.

Among other things, Avalon is known for its annual Guilt and Redemption Trial with a public tribunal. While I do look forward to attending the public trial one day, Slave Latigo's offenses were so egregious that a private and immediate Trial, Sentencing, and Punishment were essential. My heart raced with excitement as I read on Avalon's website:

"The Avalon Trial is the highest female law institution to pursuit the male felonies against womanhood. It invokes the natural law of the female supremacy over the males and makes sure that dominant male behavior will be revenged and punished. The judge is based on the Avalon code of criminal procedure and uses the Avalon penal law with those strict punishments."

Slave Latigo had committed innumerable crimes and anxiously awaited his impending trial and the consequent sentencing and punishment, but because the Avalon Law -- Das Avalon Gesetzeswerk -- is only available to read in German, the non-German speaking Slave Latigo could not fully understand the scope and nature of the punishment for his actions prior to appearing before the judges. I eagerly anticipated our visit to Avalon where his education would begin.

MISTRESS TROY Dominatrix NYC NY at the Residenz Avalon in Berlin, Germany for BDSM trial
The Avalon Residenz in Berlin, Germany

The moment of our entrance into Residenz Avalon arrived, and it was better than I could have imagined. It was a truly magical experience. Lady Mercedes in all her magnificence greeted us at the front gate and graciously provided a light breakfast after our overnight flight from the United States. Slave Latigo was promptly secured in his cell as I leisurely settled into my deluxe room in the private guest quarters upstairs. The Residenz is an immense compound on a captivating river setting. The weather was perfect and it felt like I had found a little pocket of paradise on Earth. I had no doubt my slave felt the same as I connected online to the surveillance camera which was aimed directly into his cell in the bowels of the building in which I now resided.

MISTRESS TROY Dominatrix NYC NY slave latigo in cell at Avalon Residenz Berlin for BDSM trial
Slave Latigo in his cell at Avalon Residenz in Berlin, Germany

The next few days were a wonderful whirlwind heightened by the adrenaline that pumped though my body. All the Ladies of Avalon who I encountered went out of their way to make me feel at home, including Lady Phoenix, Domina Louiza, Lady Mephista, Lady Xara, and Lady Valentina. I felt like the proverbial "kid in a candy shop" the entire time. It was a Female Supremacist's utopia. My male slave was tucked neatly away in the cellar awaiting his trial and I was surrounded by amazing Ladies and their male subjects with no reason or need for discretion or explanation. Every chance I got I spent exploring the intricacies of the Residenz. Hooks and cells abounded, school room, medical room, dog house, stables, interrogation chamber, confessional, dungeon, fully stocked kitchen, lounge, and the Great Celebration Hall where the trial would be held -- not to mention a peaceful river in which you could enjoy a swim.

On the day of the trial, as the official start time approached, the Judges, Lady Mercedes and Lady Marlon, prepared and reviewed paperwork. As I got dressed, I heard what I thought were groans outside my window and soon discovered the Guardesses, Lady Phoenix and Domina Louiza, preparing Slave Latigo for the proceedings. I took my seat at the tribunal near the judges. A shackled Slave Latigo was marched into the Great Hall and the inquisition began.

MISTRESS TROY Dominatrix New York City NY male slave is prepared for BDSM trial Avalon Berlin
Mistress Troy discovers Slave Latigo being prepared for his trial at Avalon in Berlin

I cannot easily find the words to accurately describe what followed. Lady Mercedes and Lady Marlon are so experienced as judges that "realistic" is the first word and sensation to flood the mind and body. The event could have easily turned into a parody (think black-and-white striped prisoner uniform with a fake ball-and-chain) or a farce similar to scenarios I have watched in some FemDomme videos, but the reality was quite the opposite and utterly true to life. Lady Mercedes and Lady Marlon created an experience so authentic that when they announced the sentence of an additional 41 days in confinement for Slave Latigo -- 1 day for each crime and offense committed -- my head spun as I tried to figure out how I was going to rebook airplane tickets, notify family and friends, and reschedule sessions back in New York City.

MISTRESS TROY Dominatrix NYC courtroom at Avalon prior to arrival of accused male slave Avalon Berlin
The courtroom at Avalon prior to the arrival of the accused

By the time the sentencing of Slave Latigo was complete, I was so giddy with joy about the course of the trial that I believe my smile stretched from ear to ear, a sharp contrast to the stern demeanor of the Guardesses and Judges. A large garage-style door was raised in the Great Hall and Slave Latigo was marched outside. His punishment was to begin without delay.

Slave Latigo's punishment was photographically documented and he was commanded to submit a narrative of his experience. You will find both below.


The Road to Avalon

- submitted by Slave Latigo, 2016 -

Men are sometimes arrogant and egotistical creatures. I should know I am one. I had been for just over one year a part of Mistress Troy's stable of slaves. A great honor indeed. Mistress Troy from the beginning of my servitude explained calmly but forcefully that our relationship was not based on equality whatsoever. I existed to serve her. I readily agreed. I even accepted, under her careful guidance, to obey without hesitation a set of rules and protocols which we called The Ledger. I wrote those sacred Commandments down in a small book which I carried on my person every day. The Mistress insisted on me committing each rule to memory. Which I did. Yet from almost the beginning of our time together I consistently broke almost all of these rules. It seemed like I was doing this on purpose. My Mistress, who is known for her patience and understanding, was severely tested by a never ending lack of obedience. We both could not figure what was going on in my brain. Finally she had enough.

One day, while in session, I again failed to comply with a simple rule. I forgot to kiss both of the Mistress's boots when she entered the room. A clear but important rule that emphasized my lowly position beneath the superior power of Mistress Troy. She proceeded to slap me hard across my face like a whip. "Why can't you ever obey my commands?" she hissed. "This session is over. I want you to find out all you can about Residenz Avalon. When you have done that you may ask permission to return. Then I will decide your fate!" I was in shock but what could I do but meekly obey her orders. I had a lot of homework to do if I wanted to return.

After a few days of study I begged Mistress Troy to see me again. She commanded me to see her the next day in her elegant New York City dungeon. I had a lot to tell her. Like, for example, Residenz Avalon was founded ten years ago by two of the most renowned dommes on this planet, Lady Mercedes and Lady Marlon. I also learned that this BDSM haven was located in Berlin, Germany. As a masochist I was also fascinated to learn that this Female Supremacy World catered to dominatrixes who sadistically love to beat their submissive slaves. I found on their website that, "the building complex with all its cells and cellars...was once a Prussian gun factory that was built in 1854..." Now it was a prison! Reading further I found "the flair of the building is a perfect setting for your fantasies." Now this I thought was a place for me! But there was more, "the old dungeon offers a variety of possibilities. Especially our different cells, the normal cells (I wondered what was normal about a cell), the isolation cell, and the HOLE (My God what did that mean??). My study went on to find that the Residenz complex also had a "100-square meter hall with a ceiling height of 15 meters. An arena that can be used for our trials, sports events, military drills, slave auctions, exhibitions, and competitions." I was so excited by all this that I could hardly write it down. I had to get back to Mistress Troy with this information about a Paradise on Earth!!

The next day the Mistress heard my excited mutterings about Residenz Avalon with a stoic calmness. "Slave, I already know everything you are saying. Now listen. Here is how it is going to go. If, and this is a big if, you go with me to Avalon and agree to stand trial for your repeated offenses, and accept the accompanying punishments," I already was shaking my head up and down indicating a definite yes. "Slave, you interrupted me," Mistress Troy squeezed my sensitive nipples with her sharp nails and dug into my skin. "There is more," she continued with a frustrated disgust. You must not embarrass me at any time during our stay. If you can do this I will consider your continued presence in my stable. If you fail on just one of these conditions you are banished forever." There she said it, "continued presence!" I didn't hear the ifs and the maybes or even the word "banish." I was thinking as my mind raced with all kinds of possibilities. I am a masochist. I can take any pain that the Ladies of Residenz Avalon can dish out and ask for more. Mistress Troy would then be so impressed and proud of me that she wouldn't hesitate to take me back into her fold.

I didn't realize until much later that my trip to Residenz Avalon would be one of the most challenging and educational moments of my life.


The Cell

- submitted by Slave Latigo, 2016 -

MISTRESS TROY Dominatrix NYC prisoner cell block at Avalon Berlin for male slave
The cell block where Slave Latigo was confined at Avalon in Berlin

Your mind goes all over the place when you are scared. I am thinking, right now, how does 81 centimeters transfer into inches. I remember, god knows how, there are 2.54 centimeters in an inch. I work out the calculations in my mind. I have the time. I come up with about 32 inches, just over 2.5 feet. You are asking what this is all about? The answer is simple. The answer is the width of the cot I am laying on at this moment. I am naked. I do have one thin blanket to cover myself. I am chained to the wall behind me by a heavy steel collar around my neck. Where am I you might ask? The answer is simple again. I am in a subterranean cell beneath the infamous Residenz Avalon, in Berlin Germany.

MISTRESS TROY Dominatrix NYC male slave locked in heavy metal collar in prisoner cell at Avalon Germany
Slave latigo awaits his trial locked in a heavy metal collar within his secured cell

My mind is going all over the place. What did my Mistress say when she dragged me into this dark dank hole? I should be able to remember that, it was only a little while ago. Or was it? It could have been hours ago. I have lost all sense of time. Ah! I remember now. She said, "I have been all over this floor. It's marvelous. Four cells to my count, an interrogation room, torture devices, hooks in the ceiling. I would love to whip you now, to my heart's content, but I need you to be in presentable condition for the trial tomorrow. I have to go now. Before I go look up there. See that light in the ceiling outside the cell?" I nodded. The Mistress was pointing at a red dot high in the ceiling, that was glaring down at me. "That light is a camera that is hooked up to a live video feed in my room upstairs. I can see everything you are doing down here. Everything. Keep out of trouble and focus on tomorrow's events." She quickly left the cell leaving me in almost total darkness.

Now I was alone, vulnerable. The red light bore a hole into my lost soul. I was thinking again, random thoughts with no point. "The Mistress can see me" I thought. I pulled the thin blanket up closer to my chin. I shivered. "She can read my mind." I am thinking, "tomorrow will be my undoing. The Mistress is not pleased with me." Boy, that is an understatement. I know she brought her bullwhips, The Black Beauties, with her on the trip to Avalon. I know their power from experience. "My god, she will whip me to pieces." Then I jump to another uncomfortable thought. I ask myself, "Didn't BDSM get its start in Germany. Isn't corporal punishment connected to Teutonic discipline? I haven't got a chance tomorrow." More thoughts pour into my feverish brain. "All the infractions of protocol, I have been accused of, are really minor." I think further. "I will appeal to the Avalon Tribunal's common sense. Surely, they will see these oversights of mine are no big deal. Yeah, the Germans are harsh, but they respect logic." I wonder, now in my shaken state, how much time I have before daylight. It's dark and cold in this cramped cell. I cry out "Help!!!"


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