MISTRESS TROY Professional Dominatrix Manhattan NYC does not like cancellations and you must adhere to Her rules or you will be
               permanently dismissed


Cancellations and "no-shows" happen far too frequently in the BDSM arena and they are a major source of frustration and disruption for professional Dommes. Last-minute cancellations are especially problematic; not only has time been blocked-out that could have been made available to other submissives, masochists and slaves, but in My case a great deal of time and energy has already been invested in preparing Myself and My dungeon for the cancelled scene. In order to avoid the emotional and mental turmoil of last-minute cancellations, wasted time and lost income, the following rules apply to all sessions scheduled with Me:


If you have to cancel an appointment and are unable to reach Me directly, leave a phone message AND send an e-mail.


Weekday Sessions (Monday - Friday)

Weekday sessions require 24-hour notice for cancellations. Less than 24-hour notice will result in you having to submit the full tribute required for the entire time you booked before I will schedule another session with you.

Weekend Sessions (Saturday and Sunday)

Weekend sessions must be canceled by 12:00 noon (My time) on the preceding THURSDAY of that week to avoid penalty. Any weekend session canceled after 12:00 noon of the preceding Thursday will require payment of My full tribute before I will schedule another session with you.

Extended Sessions

Extended sessions (16 hours or longer) require a non-refundable deposit of $1500.00. If the session is cancelled with 1 week (7 full days) notice, the deposit can be applied towards a future session. If 1 (one) week notice is not given, you forfeit the tribute.

Repeat Cancellations

If you cancel two consecutive sessions with the proper notice, or I discover some other unacceptable cancellation pattern, a non-refundable 100% deposit for My time will be required before I will schedule a session with you.

Cancellation Fees

All required monies should be submitted to Me by using one of the methods listed on My "Payment Options" page.

I am a reasonable person and I understand that cancellations sometimes occur. However, I have received a disproportionate amount of last-minute cancellations involving every type of personal tragedy imaginable. Regardless of how extreme your circumstances may be, simple common courtesy is all that is required to avoid the enforcement of the above polices.