MISTRESS TROY Professional Dominatrix NYC New York has lots of BSDM equipment for sessions in her dungeon


This page lists some of the BDSM equipment, toys and fetish attire in My -- Mistress Troy's -- discreet New York City dungeon.

My intimate dungeon is private, but also "Manhattan-sized" (meaning "small") and unfortunately cannot accommodate larger pieces of bondage equipment. It is, however, fully stocked with gear to completely immobilize and deprive you of your senses. It is also My favorite place in which to create excruciatingly wonderful pain for the joyous masochist, conduct training, discipline and punishment and, for the deserving fetishist, potentially allow boot, foot, shoe, and stocking worship.

Photos of My BDSM Equipment

You will find more photos of My dungeon and equipment on My "Photos of Dungeon and Equipment" page.

Bondage & Suspension

Dominatrix Mistress Troy New York NYC does full-body suspension with male slaves, submissives, masochists and
            fetishists in Her dungeon

Metal Bondage Frame
multiple attachment points, able to bear partial-body and full-body suspension

Electric Hoist
full-body suspension with ease

Bondage Table / Confinement Cage Combination
inescapable bondage and torture all day, secure and confined rest all night -- or vice versa

Bondage Wall
padded with multiple attachment points, able to support body weight up to 300 pounds (136 kilograms)

Leather Sling
black leather, comfortable exposed support for all types of humiliation and torture

Extreme Steel Head Cage
from eXtreme Restraints, immense sensory deprivation

Portable Stocks

Mr. S Leather Bicep-Binder

Leather Thigh Restraints
multiple styles

leather, wood, electric

Spreader Bars
multiple lengths

nylon, hemp

Stainless Steel Round Suspension Rings

Fetters Leather Suspension Harness

Fetters Leather Sit Sling

Mr. S Leather Locking Bondage Waist-Belt

Latex Bondage Straps

leather, latex, spandex, metal, mesh

Leather Bondage Collar

leather, metal, funnel, inflatable, pony bit

Along with thoroughly cleaning My gags, I place a new, non-lubricated condom on every gag for every use. Due to sanitary issues, I do not provide ball gags. You are encouraged to bring your own gag(s) if you wish.

leather, latex, blackout goggles, One-Way-Magic "Clear" Blindfold from Scott Paul Designs


MISTRESS TROY Pro-Domme Manhattan NYC New York puts Her male bondage slave in a leather body bag

Leather Restaints
- lockable and buckle closures
- wrists (multiple styles)
- 3-buckle hand restraints
- padded fist mitts
- leather suspension wrist-cuffs with and without quick-release snaps
- wrists-to-waist
- wrists-to-neck (multiple styles)
- ankles (multiple styles)
- padded stirrup foot restraints for suspension
- ergonomic foot suspension restraints
- lace-up bondage sleeves

Mr. S Leather Bicep-Binder

Leather by Danny Back-Binder

Thigh Restraints
multiple styles

Mr. S Locking Bondage Waist-Belt

Leather Bondage Straps
various lengths and widths

Mr. S Deluxe All-Leather Sleepsack
fits most up to 6'1" tall (185 cm.)

Leather Straight Jacket
from Mr. S Leather in San Francisco

Leather Bondage Vest
from Mr. S Leather in San Francisco

Leather Arm Immobilizer Splints
from Church of Sinvention in Ontario, Canada

Fetters Leather Suspension Harness

Fetters Leather Sit Sling

Leather Hoods
assorted styles

Leather Head Harnesses
assorted styles

Leather Bondage Collar

Leather Gags

Leather Blindfolds


MISTRESS TROY Pro-Domme Manhattan NYC New York uses metal restraints on male slaves, submissives, masochists and
            fetishists in Her dungeon

Metal Restraints
lockable cuffs for neck, wrists, and ankles

various sizes and lengths

Extreme Steel Head Cage
from eXtreme Restraints, immense sensory deprivation

Law Enforcement Restraints
handcuffs, hinged handcuffs, leg irons, transport restraints, thumbcuffs, 3-way handcuffs

forceps, Wartenberg wheel, dental pick set, stainless steel urinal

dental mouth gag

Ball & Chain with Manacle

Corporal Punishment / Spanking

MISTRESS TROY Pro-Domme Manhattan NYC New York uses implements for spanking and corporal punishment on male slaves,
            submissives, masochists and fetishists in Her dungeon

traditional British school canes, rattan, wood, acrylic

leather, wood

Single-Tail Whips
- David Morgan Signal Whip
- David Morgan Snake Whip
- David Morgan Dog Quirt
- Terry Jacka 6-foot Bullwhip
- Louie Foxx 4-foot Bullwhip
- Louie Foxx 6-foot Bullwhip
- Joe Wheeler Signal Whip, I watched Joe Wheeler make this whip during a workshop in 1999 and I purchased it from him as soon as it was finished.
In April 2018 I realized that Joe Wheeler's website was gone and I do not know what happened to him.
- 5 Roger Patterson leather single-tail whips of varying styles and lengths (Roger Patterson does not have a website. If you are lucky you may find him at an event.)
- Leiband Snake Whip
- 3 leather whips purchased in the OWK gift shop
- Nylon 3-foot Snake Whip

dressage whips, riding crops, bats, leather, rubber, nylon

taws, straps, quirts

Flails & Floggers
leather, rubber, cord

sjambok, mace, miniature evil stick, penis punisher

OTK (over-the-knee) & Domestic
wooden spoons, hairbrushes, rulers, black leather belt from My "public" wardrobe

CBT (cock & ball torture) / Nipple

various leather, rubber, wood, plastic, and metal devices; assorted clamps and clips; forceps, clothes pins, spiked items, vampire gloves, weights, chastity, penis punisher


Electric Boxes

  1. Folsom PSG-MAX
  2. Folsom PSG-202
  3. P.E.S. Power Box
  4. ErosTek ET-302R Two Channel Remote E-Stim
  5. ErosTek ET-312
  6. ErosTek ET-232

assortment of electrical attachments

Due to sterilization related issues, electric anal attachments should not be shared, therefore I do not provide them. If this is something you wish to explore, see My "Specific Fetishes" page, under "Electro Play," for more information.

Violet Wand

Wardrobe for submissive / bottom

I keep some basic items in My dungeon for spontaneous and experimental use. However, sizes, styles and colors are very limited. If desired for your scene, you should plan to bring your own personal wardrobe and fetish items.

harnesses, black leather lace-up and zip-up thigh-high boots (US men's size 10)

Cross-dressing / Feminization / Humiliating
panties, stockings, garter belts, corsets, red and black pump style shoes (US men's sizes 9.5 and 10.5), diapers

Pet / Puppy Play & Training

Leather Puppy Hood

chain, leather, short, extra long


Dog Bowl


for Me to sit over you

Dildos and Anal Plugs

Venus for Men

Cleaning and Care

MISTRESS TROY Pro-Domme Manhattan NYC New York has Her male slave polish chains that are used for bondage in Her New York City

Everything that is touched in session gets cleaned. It is either wiped down with isopropyl alcohol, hand-washed in soap and water, put in the dishwasher or run through the washing machine. If blood or other body fluids are present, the item will be properly disposed of or, in rare instances, a bleach solution will be used.

For our safety and peace of mind, I use an abundance of disposable under pads, latex gloves and paper towels.

All gags and other "insertables" are covered with a non-lubricated latex condom and cleaned after every use. You are welcome to bring your own toys.

I do not own an autoclave. Any items that require sterilization are purchased from a medical supply company and are sterile and disposable.

In general, I use powerful cleaning products that are non-toxic/less-toxic to humans, the environment, and My equipment, including white vinegar, baking soda, castile soap, lemon juice, and various essential oils with naturally occurring antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.

My leather is conditioned with Leather Honey.

I avoid "antibacterial soap" and other products with triclosan and similar ingredients. It has been proven that "antibacterial soap" does not clean or reduce the spread of illness any better than regular soap. In fact, the wide-spread use of antibiotics in every form has contributed to the extremely serious problem of "antibiotic resistance" that is being experienced around the world today.

While your good health and well-being are as important to Me as My own, you obviously should not expect to be treated as gently nor as kindly as I treat My equipment and the environment.

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