It is all true . . .

The NYC Dominatrixes Mistress Venus and Mistress Troy help bring the long journey of a sissy-maid slave to fruition.

- submitted by Larry, 2017 -

Then . . .

Maybe you realized early that things that made other boys tingle left you bored. Maybe it started with a purloined issue of Penthouse...the letters section filled with the kinky “true” escapades of so many lucky readers, the photos of women, almost always in stockings and heels. Or did it begin when you found (and shoplifted) that special issue of “Penthouse Variations: The World of S & M” on the newsstand? It might have been at Kinematics where you could buy Corporal and Dominant Mystique and Screw Magazine with its “Hell’s Belle’s” section of ads for women who specialized in what you craved.

When the “thrill” of print wasn’t enough was it a one-hour session at Belle du Jour with “Mistress Lash” in a small stuffy room with a noisy window air conditioner? Did you wander around the session houses: Belle du Jour, Leather Ladies, Angel Stern's, Private Dominion, even Ava Taurel’s and so many others? Spend weekends at Paddles, Hellfire and The Eulenspiegel Society (TES) meetings too just in case you could find what you needed?

Maybe you skipped all that and went straight to the Nutcracker Suite in the early 1990s and met Mistress Venus and when you saw that she had become an independent you noted the phone number and kept it where you could find it. Hopefully, not on a small piece of paper in a pile of other small pieces of paper all “misplaced” for years as the journey started all over again...

...until you saw something (don’t worry...I saw it can be our secret) and it made you find that piece of paper and sit down in your room at the Marriot Marquis in Times Square 20 years ago and dial the number. Somehow she answered; somehow you were able to convince her of your prior meetings and maybe, despite “no longer seeing new people," she still saw you.

If you did make it that far you wrote some stuff down and faxed it to her as she instructed (it was 20 years ago after all). You went to her studio and sat down and talked to her about everything you had written and more.

And then...that same night, you would have an almost identical conversation, except this time you would be on your hands and knees on the end of a leash and you would beg, plead even, for it all.

And Now . . .

If you had done all of that...or been lucky enough to skip it but still somehow ended up in that studio, Mistress Venus would have trained you. You would find your interests sometimes expanded, but always, always deepened. So when you decided to commission a portrait by Sardax (as shown on Mistress Troy’s website) you could have him draw a scene where almost all the significant parts in fact existed.

The shoes are “Lucifer” by Christian Louboutin because when you confessed your intense shoe and stocking fetish she encouraged you to become a connoisseur of both. When not worn in your sessions they would have pride of place on a shelf in her studio to be admired...or would be fastened across your face using a customized “Bishop Head Harness” by Mr. S in San Francisco she sent you to help design.

When you expressed interest in corseting she would send you to Dark Garden Corsets in San Francisco to be custom fitted for one.

And then when you had struggled to find a well-made durable maid’s uniform she would take you to a dressmaker she knew, help you design a “look” and choose fabrics, and then work with you through multiple fittings to make sure it all fit...including the built-in locking leather collar with a ring for her leash.

And Finally . . .

When you mentioned that you were interested in exploring sessions with another Mistress present she would encourage you to contact her close friend Mistress Troy, who she was confident would help create the strict multi-domme scenario you craved.

You would follow Mistress Troy’s procedures precisely, you would work through sessions with her and with Mistress Venus, you would supplement those encounters with phone sessions to help Mistress Troy get quickly up to speed on what you had spent years working on with Mistress Venus.

...and then after all that you would find yourself in service to them both for an entire evening and into the next morning.

Maybe none of this seems real, maybe you are skeptical...but you would be wrong...

Because it is all true . . .

MISTRESS TROY and MISTRESS VENUS Dominatrixes New York City NY double-domme fetish and BDSM sessions in private dungeon
When a Sardax portrait comes to life...proof that "Life imitates Art far more than Art Imitates Life" (Oscar Wilde)

MISTRESS TROY and MISTRESS VENUS Dominatrixes New York City NY fetish and BDSM sessions in private dungeon and double-domme sessions
Mistress Troy and Mistress Venus...and Mistress Venus's Louboutin, lead a slave along the fine line between punishment and reward

MISTRESS TROY and MISTRESS VENUS Dominatrixes New York City NY double-domme BDSM and fetish sessions in private dungeon
The privilege of having your senses liberated yields the reward of seeing those who rule you

Thank you Mistress Venus & Mistress Troy . . .

MISTRESS TROY and MISTRESS VENUS Dominatrixes New York City NY fetish and BDSM sessions in private dungeon
A devoted shoe and stocking slave strains to show his appreciation to his Mistress

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